Platinum-Guaranteed Weight Loss


The best program available anywhere. Catie’s Platinum program includes:

1.unlimited access to Catie (via phone, text. email)

2. Catie will work with your physician to insure the best in concierge care

3. Catie reviews your supplements and medications. She will work with your healthcare provider in medication cut-backs if possible

4. Diet by desighn-Catie will custom design daily menus if needed

5. Motivation, support

6. You will be one of Catie’s exclusive private clientele.

7. Stabilization and maintenance. Catie will work with you to develop a set point at your goal weight

8. Guaranteed Weight Loss. Catie guarantees 3 lbs per week weight loss. You must present daily ketostix. After 3 negatives, the guarantee is voided. If you don’t have 3 negatives, after your goal date (take number of lbs you want to lose divided by 3. For instance, if you need to lose 21 lbs, the guarantee will be for 7 weeks) Catie will work with you free of charge after your goal date until your goal is achieved. You must talk with Catie upon enrolling and she will email you a guarantee with the date you should reach your goal.

You will never guess about the right thing to do again. Catie will be with you the entire journey toward health, wellness and a NEW YOU.



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